Why do "they" want to cut the OAK TODAY?
Bill Rattazzi of John Laing Homes has been ordered by County Public Works to widen pico Canyon Road, and has a permit which requires that they remove the tree to proceed.  Laing Homes has waitted exactly three years for the 11/1/99 written agreement to save the tree to "expire" without fulfilling their promise to create an alternate plan.

Can't the OAK be moved?
Unfortunately most OAKS DIE (slowly) when they are transplanted; a huge 4-500 year old tree like this is NOT POSSIBLE to move.  Fortunately a qualified arborist has examined the tree and it is still very much alive.  All deciduous Oak Trees lose their leaves in the winter; John Laing homes severely pruned the branches for the existing road, but did not "kill" the tree.

Why not just reroute the ROAD?
Why not indeed? The County of Los Angeles and the Developer could produce a satisfactory plan. The Supervisor and his Planning Deputy CAN reverse their decision to cut the OAK and withdraw the permit. Unfortunately, they will do so only as the result of public pressure from YOU!

Do we really need FOUR HIGH SPEED lanes?
The decision to widen the road to four lanes is based on the expectation of the unapproved NEWHALL RANCH project, the largest in California history, now in litigation. If this behemoth of 21,500 homes and 70,000 more people is added to the 50,000 approved, but as yet unbuilt homes in the Santa Clarita Valley, traffic will  use Pico Cyn as an alternative “shortcut” from Hwy126 to Interstate 5.

Why is John Quigley in the TREE?
John Quigley is an environmental activist who volunteered to use his skills in “tree sitting” to SAVE THE OAK. Only his presence has stopped the destruction. He is prepared to stay until you get action from the County and JohnLaing Homes. His non-violent training and commitment to this action is fueled your love and support! Thank You!

When will QUIGLEY come down?
John won’t come down until he is certain that Old Glory will be protected. Thanks to your support of John’s action, a dialogue has begun with John Laing Homes. But John will remain in the tree until its safety is guaranteed.

Has the COUNTY taken a position?
Mike D. Antonovich has received MANY phone calls from you already, but said last Friday the 15th to the press that the HE EXPECTS THE TREE TO BE CUT DOWN. The County does not require “sustainable development” practices by its builders; in Los Angeles, growth often means death to the natural environment. The Supervisor needs to hear again that we must not let this happen! Insist that he give the OLD GLORY the County’s permanent protection!

Who really wants OLD GLORY removed?
Certainly not any of the people who have come to the tree in person. Hundreds have signed up to help save the treee. Unfortunately THE COUNTY has plans that link this road to the 21,400 NEW HOMES of proposed NEWHALL RANCH they expect to see built. The NEWHALL LAND COMPANY, JOHN LAING HOMES and many other developers don’t want to let the OLD GLORY’s stand in their way to “building out” the western end of the County.

Can’t they just build without taking the TREE?
The County PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT and John Laing began work on just that promise in 1999, but NO SOLUTION was found in the following three years. The widening of the road is for the FUTURE TRAFFIC of Newhall Ranch, but John Laing Homes must build their road now to get their money  It is the responsibility of the COUNTY to plan the community; the ultimate fate of OLD GLORY is in their hands.

What should we do?
Save OLD GLORY. It is simple to see here at the tree; all of the children know it. HOW to save the Oak is a matter for adults A friend  visiting the tree said “we have the skill to go to the moon, but we don’t know how save this 500 year tree? That is ridiculous!”  You don’t have to be a child to know what to do!

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