The public hearing for the giant Newhall Ranch Project was on on the Los angeles Board of Supervisors Agenda 9:30AM on March 25,2003 in the hearing room at 500 West Temple Street.

The NEWHALL RANCH hearing was a major success, thanks to about three dozen activists...

Everyone arrived at the Hearing Room at 9:30AM and after a certain amount of confusion, settled in for the proceedings. Ironically it was Cesear Chavez Day at the hearing and we were entertained by mariachis (as well as the usual kittens and puppies.) When the hearing got down to the Agenda Item 11, the Chaiman got the fully attention of the filled hearing room. The Proponents of the project were asked to stand and show that they wished to cede their time to the four designated speakers. The entire rear of the hearing room stood en masse in a dramatic gesture intended to demonstrate the "tremendous support" the Newhall Company could bring to Supervisors. They fielded only seven speakers, who did not address the issues the judge ruled on, but instead "pitched" how great it was going to be for the project to go forward.

Our group of thirty six by comparison, was quite focussed on the six points and really hammered home the environmental message: "the EIR" needs to be revised!" Antonovich brought a motion to the table, which delayed the vote, opened the documents up for public review and gave us some room to r-e-a-l-l-y get specific. You should be proud of the group that came down!

...more later NEWHALL RANCH items:

NEWHALL RANCH is the largest development to date in Los Angeles and California history. It is the destination for Pico Canyon Road which is the reason for the Public Works Department's reluctance to SAVE OLD GLORY.