This site is dedicated to the preservation and the appreciation of the 400 year old Pico Oak Tree in Santa Clarita, CA made famous around the world as the site of the first URBAN TREE SIT conducted in November 2002 through January 2003. Named OLDGLORY by the neighborhood children, it was home to John Quigley and a dozen other activists for 71 days until they were forcibly removed by the County of Los Angeles and a guarded perimeter fence erected. Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich called for the destruction of the tree to build a full width highway to facilitate the 23,000 unit Newhall Ranch project. The largest proposed development in California history, Newhall Ranch is expected to explode the population and wealth of the Fifth Supervisory District, by paving over thousands of acres of oaks and unique habitat. Thanks to the efforts of the community and worldwide media attention, Supervisor Anotonovich position on OLD GLORY softened to ordering the relocation of the tree to a public park at the developer's expense. The hundreds of thousands of dollars that John Laing Homes is currently spending on the move do not guarantee the life of the tree, but their investment could convertOLD GLORY into a public monument for the children of Santa Clarita. Today we appeal to the Governor Schwarzenegger and the State to review the road plans and STOP THE MOVE NOW. We continue to celebrate the beauty of this magnificent living symbol that still has so much to teach us all!
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Despite the rain kids come out for WISHTOYO Chumash Indian Ceremony 02-Jan-04

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