Hey! We are just getting started here, but there is a whole bunch of C-O-O-L stuff on the way!
This wonderful picture by Carol Reyes' Son

Children from a Helen Estock Elementary School (Tustin), after learning about John and Old Glory, wrote and drew pictures about their experiences and from many points of view. 

To see these works, click on the drawing at the right.  It is a large PDF file that is viewable with most web browsers.  (You can save these works for later by right-clicking and selecting "Save Link As..." from the choices).  Note: the file size is about 2.7MB, which will take about 15 minutes to load with a 56K modem.

John Quigley and the stars of the MEDICINE TREE in TOPANGA CANYON, produced by Gail Matthius and Barbara Bentree

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